You’ve reached the studio of Nick Norwood, Design Director and creative consultant. With over 10 years focused on Digital Product Design and Branding, I love collaborating with innovative companies to make beautiful things. I’m currently available for hire.


  • Good to people

    We believe in treating everyone in our orbit with us with the utmost respect, warmth, and compassion possible. This means recognizing that we are all coming from different backgrounds: cultural, educational, socio-economical, and that erring on the side of curiosity and openness is a great way to live.

  • Open-minded

    We can learn a lot by listening to ideas that challenge us. Trying to understand the layers of context behind an issue or assumption gives us fuel for creative exploration. We strive to find solutions beyond the obvious, breaking free from surface observations and widely embraced methods. The good stuff you often have to dig for.

  • Simple is smart

    Sometimes less is more; and creating a brand that looks easy is often hard. The best brands distill the message down to the most essential elements, allowing the user to get the idea effortlessly. That said you have to know what your idea(s) are before you can simplify. Don’t skip the brainstorm.

  • Attention-friendly

    We’re in a battle for attention, and there are a million different things competing for it everyday. As a brand, we have to respect the fact that our message has to break through this noisy echo chamber; we have to target our audience with tenacity and focus. This means killing our darlings and making tough choices.

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