It's hard work making things look easy. Design and digital experiences that resonate with users takes time and attention, not to mention a team of people that are able to use their collective talents to tell a unique, compelling story. As a independent creative, I'm able to lead creative efforts or play a more targeted role within a larger creative team depending on the scope and size of the project.

About Me

Even as a child I've been drawn to the excitement of creativity and play. I always loved playing house, dressing up as an invented character, performing for family in the living room, etc. The idea of transforming yourself into another person, or transporting yourself to another space or time felt natural to me. I've always had the gift of hospitality, wanting to create a space or experience for those around me to enjoy. Activating a boring, predictable space with new energy has always been something urgently interesting to me.

As creatives, we're able to draw upon our intuition as well as our observations to create connections and layers that others would not imagine. We're able to pull together disparate ideas into a cohesive story. My professional experience was forged through work at incredible agencies in NYC, learning from some of the best and brightest voices in design. I've worked on campaigns for fortune-500 companies, as well as built brand identities for tiny start-ups. In 2019, I went freelance, kicking off a fruitful studio practice that has allowed me to grow and develop in totally new ways. I'm currently available for hire for short-term and long-term projects.